Very responsive, persistent, refreshing.

Cindy was great to work with! I was very impressed with her knowledge of the local market and her understanding of what to look for/avoid in potential properties, as far as potential inspection issues. She was very responsive to all of my emails and texts as well. Our home closing was delayed twice due to appraisal issues, but Cindy was persistent and kept following up with the lender, despite the fact that things looked pretty grim and the deal almost fell through. I honestly don’t think we’d have our home if it weren’t for her! I’m often frustrated with how horrible customer service has become in the last few years, so it was very refreshing to work with someone who was engaged in the process and showed genuine empathy for our situation. Her love for her job is evident in the great work that she does. I would recommend Cindy to anyone in the Sioux Falls area and beyond!

— Shannon